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Advertising Creativity Award 2017

Information about the awarding entity:

The Arab Media Forum was established in 2003 as a media initiative aiming at creating a strategic Arab media atmosphere to resolve the Arab contradictions, and to agree upon a minimum level of solidarity in an attempt to realize the risks and the effects of the psychological and propaganda campaigns launched against the Arab Nation to impose a fait accompli and to reinforce the media hegemony of others. This goal would be achieved by innovating a renewable media discourse  which accepts all trends, interacts with them and opens all the doors with complete transparency, while emphasizing the values of unity, the higher interest of our Arab Nation and its security as well as fighting the elements of division while respecting the social and political choices of each Arab country within the framework of a code of ethics and honor that serves as an umbrella for the Arab media without any prejudice to its expression and development potentials.

The Forum aims at enhancing the Arab media discourse and opening the door to all trends with a classy dialogue while employing modern technological tools to design an advanced vision for the Arab media, not only as consumers of the media product but also as participants in the Arab and regional media map.

The Forum succeeded in its previous sessions in creating a great credibility for the discussions and the recommendations reached in order to serve as a platform that voices the ambitions and pinpoints the challenges of the Arab media.

The Arab Media Forums holds various media activities at a number of Arab countries with the participation of the Ministers of Information and the Arab media officials in addition to a number of media professionals of various domains, ideologies and trends.

The Mechanism and Approach of Presenting the Award:

An overview of the award:

The Arab Media Forum monitors accurately everything that enters the scope of work in the media and communication field, by taking a closer look at media and communications to praise the good beneficial and non-beneficial reference. and we are concerned at primarily to highlight the positive aspects of the media with all its visual and audio-visual and electronic means. Since it was declared one of the most important means of modern media and the phenomenon that raises interest in people by using the media message in various forms to achieve specific meanings which leaves a strong impact on the viewer, After the Arab Media Forum has observed the advertising materials which has been viewed on different social media networks throughout the year, insisted to launch the award for best TV announcement under the name “Advertising Creativity Award”


The aim of the Award is to honor an absolute standard of creative excellence in the advertising and marketing communications industry in Kuwait.


The Award is open to all advertising and interactive agencies, advertisers, studios and production companies based in Kuwait, operating a branch and a representing office in Kuwait.


The award focus is to reward the highest Creative Standards within the advertising communications industry. Work will be evaluated within 10 categories across 4 Media channels. We will be awarding the 40 winners , as well as the Agency of the Year, and the Audience Award of Ramadan Best TV Commercial.

The Criteria of Presenting the Award:


The Award will be determined by a multifaceted Grand Jury panel comprising 10 invited judges from the Ministry of Information, executives from local & international agencies, media presenters and celebrities. The judging procedure will be systematic, therefore eliminating the possibility of social or political weighted views. In order to maintain the success and continuity of the Award, only creativity will be evaluated. Once the jury selects a winner , the selection will be final and no participant nor any industry practitioner has the right to question. However they can request to see the score card within two weeks of the Ceremony.


Each jury will rate each entry on a scale from 1 – 10 on each of the following premises:

  • Creativity
  • Clarity of the Message
  • Originality
  • Flow
  • Reaching the target Group
  • Pre-selection eliminating any work scoring an average less than 70%
  • Final selection based on the highest score as awarded by the Grand Jury Panelist


  1. Advertising agencies and/or rep offices must be officially registered in the State of Kuwait.
  2. All work submitted must be in the exact form it was broadcasted, published or released with all the logos, trademarks and copy marks intact, regardless of category or medium.
  3. Work must not be altered for submission purposes.
  4. Only one agency representative will be eligible to handle its entries and registrations.
  5. Any work created solely for the purpose of entering this competition is not eligible.
  6. In the case of a query by the Jury, the entrant will be required to provide documentary evidence to prove eligibility of entry.
  7. Any entry carrying an agency logo, or that does not comply with the rules and specifications will be withdrawn from the competition.
  8. Each entry should be handed in a sealed envelope to the Arab Media Forum, care.