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Best Islamic Digital Bank – Global

Boubyan Bank continues to make major achievements this year in the digital banking domain by winning the Best Islamic Digital Bank Award Worldwide for the fourth year in a row from Global Finance in addition to receiving the award for the Best Islamic Digital Bank in Kuwait. 

Global Finance has already named the list of winning banks worldwide which included Boubyan Bank alongside Citi Bank.

The most prominent aspect of this award is that it comes from a global institution renowned for its impartiality and credibility, and this crowns our efforts over the past years where we invested in the fields of IT and digital banking services. 

Boubyan was one of a few banks in the region, and may be in the world, to satisfy the conditions for entering into the competition to win the prize as all the criteria set by Global Finance were met by Boubyan Bank’s experience over the past years. 

In its report, Global Finance referred to its selection criteria, set by an international panel of judges, which are as follows:

  • Strength of strategy set by the bank for attracting and servicing digital customers,
  • Success in getting clients to use digital offerings,
  • Growth of digital customers who use digital banking services throughout all channels whether online or via smart phones,
  • Innovation in providing banking and non-banking services via electronic channels. 

As per Global Finance, many Islamic banks were shortlisted for the Best Islamic Digital Bank Award, however, the panel of judges selected Boubyan Bank as the Best Islamic Bank Worldwide. 

Methodology of Choosing the Winner: 

Representatives of Infosys, a world-leading company in the field of consultation, technology and provision of solutions, form a panel committee of judges to give the award. According to the panel’s assessment, Global Finance editors make the final choices.

Winners are selected based on the strength of their strategy in attracting and servicing digital customers and succeeding in encouraging customers to use digital services and growing the digital customers’ base while diversifying the offered services and providing a material evidence of the gains made through the private initiatives for internet services.