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Apple Watch & Android Wear

Since Boubyan is always updated on the latest advances in the world of technology that makes it easier for the customer to check and manage his/her bank accounts, we launched the new App for Apple Watch.

What are the services that Boubyan Bank offer on the Apple Watch? 

  • Reviewing the accounts, their details and transactions
  • Reviewing the cards, their details and transactions
  • Reviewing the Murabaha and its details
  • All services are offered in English only

How does Boubyan Mobile App sync with the Apple Watch?

  • After the Apple Watch is synced with the mobile, these steps need to be followed:
  • Login to Boubyan Mobile Banking App
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Then, activate the App sync on the Apple Watch and choose a sync password
  • Open Boubyan Mobile Banking App from the Apple Watch and input the sync password

How can I cancel the App sync?

Open “Settings” from Boubyan Mobile Banking App and cancel the sync with the Apple Watch.

How can I get the sync password?

If you forgot the sync password, you can get it anytime you want by logging into Boubyan Mobile Banking App, choose “Settings”, go to the Apple Watch sync and view the sync password.


With Boubyan Bank’s Shari’a compliant services and products, you can conduct all your banking transactions with ultimate convenience and transparency. 

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Boubyan provides you with the best customer service inside the Bank and through the 24/7 call center to answer your enquiries and assist you in conducting your transactions easily and quickly. 

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Once again, Boubyan are proud to be the leaders in launching the Cardless Withdrawal service and money transfer via Boubyan Mobile in cooperation with Western Union. 

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Because Boubyan understand your needs, the Bank offers health finance with 0% profit to cover medical services and treatment expenses at major hospitals and clinics in Kuwait. 

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