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Internet and Mobile Banking with Bank Boubyan is fast, easy and available round the clock. It allows you to manage accounts, perform inquiries, check balances and get account details and other related services online.

Online Banking Services

  • Request New/Renew Murabaha request through Corporate Online Banking
  • Transfer Employee Salaries
  • Accounts Transfer
  • Boubyan Account Transfer
  • Perform Local Transfer
  • Perform International Transfer
  • Check all Transfer History performed
  • Conduct Single or Bulk Transfers 
  • Request Cheque Book
  • Request Audit Certificates 
  • Viewing all Accounts
  • Printing & Exporting Account Statements
  • Viewing the Facilities (Limits & Utilization)
  • Obtaining detailed information related to Cash & Non-Cash Deals.

Mobile Banking App Services

  • View All Accounts, Murabaha, and Credit Cards
  • Approve/Reject transactions and requests initiated from Online Banking
  • Ability to call the Company’s Relationship Manager directly from the App


Boubyan Bank provides the Electronic Deposit Service for companies and institutions to facilitate cash and checks
deposited by representatives. Thanks to this service, representatives no longer have to wait in line at branches to
complete the company’s transactions.

Electronic Deposit Card Features:

  • Can be used at all ATMs with deposit service in Boubyan Branches
  • Representatives can deposit cash and checks 24/7
  • Providing the highest level of safety and confidentiality, where representatives can only use it for deposits
  • Possibility to issue up to 5 cards per account, free of charge
  • Maximum limit for cash deposit is KD 3,000 daily, per card



Boubyan Bank provides this service for the first time in Kuwait for its customers. Now you can deposit more than one check in a single transaction, with a maximum of 15 checks. You’ll save time and effort because you’re not required to be present at the branch for deposits to be completed. Additionally, a copy of the deposited check will be provided to your representatives so you can depend on their reliability.


Bank Boubyan provides the "Merchant Sales Service" in a creative way with integral services thereby making the sales process easier for both Foundations & Companies. Dealing with local cards “KNET, VISA, MASTER, DINERS” is available, which makes merchant sales easier and secure for transactions between the client account and merchant account in Bank Boubyan.


  • Offer statement for each device separated from transactions of the company account.
  • The service is available for temporary exhibitions.
  • Latest modern technology devices whether stable or movable & GPRS devices which can work without a land line.
  • A safe and secure money transferring environment will ensure reduction in errors which occur during money transfers between clients & merchants.
  • Having a brief financial statement through the device for all transfers made by the end of the day.

To speak to the concerned section and apply for the service, call on the numbers mentioned below. 

Tel : 22325457 22325116 |22325135 |1820082

E-mail :

Online Merchant Services Click here


Designed for corporations and retailers, this service provided by Boubyan Bank allows business transactions to be managed online. Similar to POS, this service provides utmost security by encrypting the information of customers and your company so that you can enjoy peace of mind.


With Boubyan Bank’s Shari’a compliant services and products, you can conduct all your banking transactions with ultimate convenience and transparency. 

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Boubyan provides you with the best customer service inside the Bank and through the 24/7 call center to answer your enquiries and assist you in conducting your transactions easily and quickly. 

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Once again, Boubyan are proud to be the leaders in launching the Cardless Withdrawal service and money transfer via Boubyan Mobile in cooperation with Western Union. 

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Because Boubyan understand your needs, the Bank offers health finance with 0% profit to cover medical services and treatment expenses at major hospitals and clinics in Kuwait. 

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