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Boubyan Subbiya Challenge

To continue our trips and adventures for the youths in Kuwait, Boubyan Bank organized a new challenge, namely, Boubyan Subiyya Challenge, which took place on February 16th 2018.

Total participate was more than 350, between 350 male & 150 femal & total attenance more than 400.

first place winners are "Omar AlFailkhawi & Yagoub AlRashidi.

It's a unique 9 km race that includes a combination of natural challenges from the hills of Subbiyah area with an addition to some obstacles suitable for challenge seekers.

Boubyan Subiyya Challenge is a message from Boubyan Bank to motivate the youths to take part in activities and events which inspire them to foster positive behavior which will benefit them and, accordingly, benefit the society, too.