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Boubyan Bank Receives 3 Remarkable Awards by the End of the Year

Boubyan Bank Receives 3 Remarkable Awards by the End of the Year

Al-Tuwaijri: The Confidence of Our Clients and Our Achievements Drive Us Towards the Leadership Domestically and Regionally in Islamic Banking 

Approaching the end of this year, Boubyan Bank has received 3 remarkable awards at the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) which has been recently held in Bahrain, where the bank received the Best Performing Islamic Bank Globally, in the GCC, and in Kuwait awards. 

Mr. Abdulla Al-Najran Al-Tuwaijri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Boubyan Bank, who received the 3 awards on the sidelines of the conference, stated “Again, we are pushed to the leadership by the confidence of our clients and our achievements in Islamic banking to prove that we stand among the best internationally and regionally after confirming to be among the best domestically”.

“Our past and future achievements, God willing, are but the fruit of the successful strategy of the bank and its ambitious plans which are focused on providing outstanding banking services and products that keep up with the modern developments, and cater for the needs of our existing and potential customers.”, he added. 

Mr. Al-Tuwaijri went on to add: “These 3 awards are very remarkable since we received them from the most prominent Islamic economic event which was first held 24 years ago, and those awards come amid intense competition with Islamic banks which are renowned regionally and globally. This asserts the rapid development of the bank which is based on implementing crystal-clear plans to deal with the Kuwaiti market as per a well-studied strategy”. 

** A Set of Significant Factors 

The competent committee at the conference, which crowned Boubyan with the 3 awards, stressed that its selection was the fruit of keeping an eye on the bank over the past years along with the bank’s achievements over a short period of time.

The committee also highlighted the bank’s excellence in offering new remarkable products and services and its focus on providing high-quality service to customers in addition to the growth of its market share whether for the retail or the corporate sectors. 

The committee added: “The bank clearly succeeded in investing in information technology and became a model to follow by other banks, especially after offering several digital banking services for the first time in Kuwait and the GCC market”.

The committee further stated that Islamic banks around the globe, especially in the GCC, witnessed major developments over the past two decades which enabled them to leave their mark on the international financial and banking transactions market. 

On the other hand, Al-Tuwaijri stated: “These awards add to the list of awards and accomplishments made over the past period which crowned the bank with many regional and global awards, the most prominent of which was the Best Islamic Digital Bank Award – in Kuwait and Worldwide – for the third year in a row by Global Finance in addition to the Best Islamic Bank in Customer Service, awarded by Service Hero for the 7th year in a row, and the Best Private Sector Organization in Customer Service award for the second time from Service Hero, too.” 

“Boubyan Bank is keen to provide whatever is new in banking services and to provide its clients with the best all the time in order to remain as the leader in introducing new services and products to the Kuwaiti market”, Al-Tuwaijri concluded.