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CBK Launches the Kuwaiti Economic Researcher Award



The Central Bank of Kuwait has announced the launch of the “Kuwaiti Economic Researcher Award” addressing Kuwaiti researchers in an attempt to encourage and enhance sound scientific research in the economic and banking domains and to encourage and motivate national cadres and develop their researching skills and capabilities.

The award, which is annually allocated by CBK and Kuwaiti banks and managed by the Institute of Banking Studies “IBS”, is launched as a part of the strategic efforts and endeavors of the Central Bank of Kuwaiti and Kuwaiti Banks towards the development and enhancement of their role to serve the society and to foster the scientific method as a way of dealing with banking and financial affairs in order to cultivate specialized national cadres in this concern.

The Institute of Banking Studies will manage the award’s affairs including the receipt of researches and deciding on the ones satisfying the conditions as well as appointing judges, noting their results and announcing the same, knowing that the details of the award and the terms of recommendation and the manner of submitting researches and the dates of receiving the applications have all been published on the websites of the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Institute of Banking Studies.

For those interested in participating, please review the 2017 Award information and submit your applications using the special forms until the coming December 31st.