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Dr. Al Hashel Recognition by The Banker

Al-Majed Congratulates Dr. Al-Hashel on Being Named the Best in the Middle East

Al-Majed: Al-Hashel’s Selection as the Best in the Middle East Is a Recognition of the Kuwaiti Banking Sector and Further Highlights Its Importance

Mr. Adel Abdul Wahab Al-Majed, Boubyan Bank’s Vice-Chairman  & Chief Executive Officer, stated that the choice of H.E. Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait, as the Best Central Bank Governor in the Middle East, confirmed the status of the Kuwaiti banking sector regionally and internationally.

“This award does not only recognize Dr. Al Hashel’s efforts over the past years, rather, it extends to serve as a recognition of the financial industry in the state of Kuwait as a whole, whether in terms of official bodies, represented in the Central Bank of Kuwait, or the Private Sector, which includes banks, investment companies, financial institutions, etc.”, he added.

Al-Majed congratulated H.E. the Governor on this award, wishing that the New Year would witness more achievements and successes by the CBK, which would reflect positively on the business environment of the Kuwaiti banking sector.

The Banker selected Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel as the Best Central Bank Governor in the Middle East for 2019 in its list of the best Central Bank Governors around the world.

“He is a rising star in the region as he took office in 2012 at the age of 37 and since then has managed the country’s financial sector and successfully navigated it to overcome a wide range of volatility and challenges that followed the crisis.”, the magazine said on Dr. Al-Hashel.

The Magazine went on to add: “Al-Hashel has succeeded in taking care of one of the strongest banking sectors in the world. Today, Kuwaiti banks enjoy high rates of capitalization and profitability and are proud of the outstanding quality of their assets. This is largely due to Dr. Al-Hashel’s efforts to enhance the overall stability of the financial system.”