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World Islamic Banking Conference in Bahrain

As a Part of The Annual Sponsorship Of The Event,

Al-Tuwaijri Reviews the Challenges Facing the Growth of Banks and Islamic Banking in the World Islamic Banking Conference in Bahrain

Mr. Abdulla Al-Najran Al-Tuwaijri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Boubyan Bank, will participate in the World Islamic Banking Conference which is due to be launched tomorrow, Tuesday, in Bahrain, where he will participate in one of the most important sessions of the conference which will discuss the challenges facing the development and growth of Islamic banks as well as their growth in the markets where they are active, their geographical existence and entering new markets.

In his lecture, Al-Tuwaijri will address a set of main points including the ability of the Islamic financial services to break into bigger markets while maintaining the focus on the ethical foundation of such services and the standards of Islamic Sharia.

He will also tackle the way Islamic banks should tailor products which suit Muslims and non-Muslims alike and speak about the emerging markets which will benefit most from expanding Islamic finance to grow their economy.

** Remarkable Sponsorship

Boubyan Bank is one of the most prominent partners of the conference as it has been sponsoring the conference during the past years out of the bank’s keenness on supporting the various local, regional and international events, activities and conferences which are in the common interest of the Islamic economy.

The World Islamic Banking Conference is considered one of the largest gatherings of the leaders of Islamic banks and Islamic finance around the world. This year, the conference is held under the slogan “Drivers of Economic Growth and Risks: Policymakers & Regulators”.

The annual organization of this event is due to the drastic changes taking place in the Islamic finance industry as imposed by the development of the customers’ behavior and the spread of the various communication channels, considering that today the realization of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in general is gaining more importance due the more efforts required for Islamic finance to keep up with a lot of developments in many respects such as the development of clients, the market and the challenges of changes in operations.

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